Who Copied Your Content?
You create or pay for content, someone steals or copies your content, and you lose money. That doesn’t sound fair. Let us help, watch the video for more.
Kristian Kristiansen
“We invest a good deal of money and resources in creating unique content across our sites. This is why it is essential for us to prevent other sites from copying and using our texts and reaping the benefits of our hard work. Who Copied Me enables us to continuously ensure that we get the maximum value from our SEO optimisation and investments in content creation. We wouldn’t exist without Who Copied Me.”
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We do not set any cookies! And we only register the content that was copied, at what time and match it against our findings
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Frequently asked questions
What is Who Copied Me?
Who Copied Me is a tool that makes it possible for administrators of webshops, blogs, news sites, etc, to detect when their original texts are being copied and afterward where the text is inserted. Who Copied Me is part of Copyright Agent, who helps protecting photographers’ and copywriters’ works online.
What happens when someone copies my text?
You will be notified when it happens. Then it’s a matter for you to decide if the case should be run. If you decide to run it, a case handling process will initiate. Read all about it in this article on Copyright Agent’s website.
Why is Who Copied Me important to my SEO?
When someone copies your original text and uses it on their site, Google will detect the duplicate content and in a worst-case scenario remove both of your websites from their index. Also, the likelihood of the counterparty’s site ending up ranking higher than yours is very high, and this will affect your business considerably.
How does Who Copied Me work?
It’s simple: Install the plugin on your site and get notified when someone copies any text on your site. Then decide if you want to pursue the case, if you do, Copyright Agent’s case will handle the case. Read all about it here.
What is a copyright infringement?
When you create something original, like writing a text or taking a composed picture, you are per definition the copyright holder. When someone uses your protected works without your permission, it is called a copyright infringement.