Terms and conditions

Updated: 17. February 2021

These terms and conditions have been presented to the Client prior to starting our cooperation. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Client agrees that they have read and understood all of the following:

1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions (the “Terms”), the defined words below, shall have the following meaning:

1.1 Agreement

An agreement that the Client consent to after creating a user on the website Whocopied.me or agreed to by E-mail.

1.2 Client

The person/legal entity entering into this Agreement.

1.3 Copyright Agent

Copyright Agent ApS, a company located in Copenhagen, Denmark with its registered office at PilestrĂŚde 28A, 1112 Copenhagen, Denmark. Company registration number: DK-37597287.

1.4 Who Copied Me

A Copyright Enforcement Service provided by Copyright Agent whereby we monitor original content on the Clients website(s).

1.5 Copyright Infringement

An unauthorized use of the Client’s original content on a third party website that Copyright Agent presume being a copyright infringement in regards to the appropriate legal provisions.

1.6 Website

The specific domain where the Client’s monitored content is public.

1.7 Assignment Form

Potential future agreement where handling of selected Copyright Infringement Cases will be specified.

1.8 Claim

The monetary compensation case for a Copyright Infringement.

1.9 Monitoring Service

The service, whereby Copyright Agent, monitors said website for potential copyright infringements.

2. Parties

These terms relate to:

Copyright Agent ApS
PilestrĂŚde 28A
1112 København K
CVR: 37597287


the Client who is the recipient of this document. The recipient therefore confirms that they legally are allowed to represent the alleged person/legal entity of the website and content in question.

3. Subject of the agreement

Copyright Agent assists the Client in protecting their specified text(s) against copyright infringement.

This protection involves the monitoring of the text(s) in question and possibly pursuit of a Claim regarding a counterparty who has violated the Clients copyright.

All text on the Client's specified website will be monitored.

From the monitored text, Copyright Agent will assess if a potential copyright infringement has occurred, after which the Client will be notified through E-mail.

After notification the Client has the choice to engage/not to engage in a pursuit of compensation for the copyright infringement by agreeing to the ‘Assignment form’.

4. Cost

The monitoring service of WhoCopiedMe is completely free of charge for the Client.

5. Infringement case

When a potential copyright infringement is logged in the system, as a result of the monitoring service, Copyright Agent will notify the Client. The Client can then choose to pursue the Claim by agreeing to the ‘Assignment Form’ where the details of the Copyright Infringement Case handling process will be specified.

6. Termination

Either party may terminate this Agreement by written notice. This means that the Client can choose to stop the monitoring of their content at any given time. Copyright Agent will then cease to monitor said content within 14 days and delete all stored Client data.

7. Final Provisions


Copyright Agent is authorized to change Terms, pricing and to assign additional conditions at any time and without further notice. The Client will be notified regarding such changes and will have to re-accept the Agreement in order to continue using the monitoring service.


The laws of Denmark apply to these Terms and to the Assignment Form.


If any provisions of these Terms are or become void, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions’ validity will not be affected in any way whatsoever.


Rights and obligations fully or partially related to any submitted Claim may be transferred without restrictions by Copyright Agent to a third party.

For any questions or remarks in regard to these terms and conditions, please contact legal@copyrightagent.com for further information.